Martin and Cubs




Well-known Weibo mother and baby blogger, producer of China Daily & Mars Lecture "Upward Force" Speech Festival.

The audience is accurate, the strength is planted, and the sales conversion rate is super strong. With its strong influence in the field, he has often become a guest of various media and corporate brand activities, and has repeatedly appeared on the first-line satellite TV programs.

The participating programs include "The Taste of Warmth", "Baby Warrior", "Tear-resistant Parents" and "Partnership Chinese".

Won the Weibo Super Reds Day "Annual New Red" Award Weibo 2018 Top 10 Business Value Mother and Child Parenting V Weibo 2018 Influence Innovation E-Commerce Weibo 2019 Top 10 Business Value Mother and Child Parenting.

Taobao Live:马丁和小熊

Tik Tok ID:小熊QQ糖

Micro-blog ID:马丁马小虎

Micro-blog ID:小熊QQ糖

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