Weiya viya




Global Goods Recommendation Officer, Taobao ’s first anchor, Taobao ’s fans are 18.9 million +, and the maximum live broadcast is 43 million +.

The leader in multiple records in the industry, and has participated in many social welfare activities such as e-commerce poverty alleviation.

He was awarded the "Chinese Pioneer"-Sea Rice Promotion Ambassador by Academician Yuan Longping, and won the "Alibaba Public Anchor for Poverty Alleviation" for three consecutive years.

"Taobao's top ten public welfare anchors for poverty alleviation", "2018 Taobao live broadcast annual TOP anchor", "2019 Taobao live broadcast annual TOP anchor" and other honors.

  Taobao Live:薇娅viya

  Tik Tok ID:薇娅viya

  Xiaohongshu ID:薇娅viyaaa

  Micro-blog ID:薇娅viyaaa

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