Xiaoqiao Jofay




Xiaoqiao Jofay, the goddess of change, the chief manager of JOFAY, is good at dressing up, beauty and skin care.

The live broadcast room has a high level of interaction with fans. In selecting products, Xiaoqiao personally inspects the products to be broadcast, and she feels that she will recommend it to fans only after she knows what she knows.

Within a year, it quickly grew from a small anchor of tens of thousands of fans to a popular TOP anchor of millions of fans, and was hailed by fans as "the best wearer."

Won the top4 of the "Taobus" list in 2018, and the top5 of the 3.30 grand ceremony in 2018.

Won the honors of the agricultural harvest ambassador for the 2019 Harvest Festival public welfare festival, top4 on the clothing peak list on July 26, 2019, and top2 on the top coffee list on May 26, 2019.

Taobao Live:小侨Jofay

Tik Tok ID:小侨Jofay

Xiaohongshu ID:小侨Jofay

Micro-blog ID:小侨Jofay

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