Live investment cooperation

1、Institutional cooperation

2、Anchor vertical category mixing cooperation

3、Product live broadcast, brand deep cooperation


Whole Case Marketing Business

1、Live broadcast partner cooperation service: own the first advantage of Taobao and the industry TOP anchor advantage resources, to provide the best "cargo" solution for merchants;

2、Socialized marketing services: With short video, graphic, microblogging, vibrato, small red book and other channel advantages resources, to help businesses achieve maximum volume of communication;


Super supply chain cooperation

1、The cooperation mode is direct and efficient, from "goods to find people" to "people to find goods"。

2、The product structure is rich, covering the entire supply chain。

3、Goods resource sharing, service-oriented global e-commerce live broadcast。


Short video Cooperation

1、Production of short video and short video of main picture

2、Undertake people to plant grass pugc video service

3、Short video integrated marketing service


Sina Weibo Business

1.Brand and account generation service

2.KOL ad serving service

3.Fantong Promotion Service

4.Brand Weibo Marketing and Planning Execution Service


Xiaohongshu Business

1.Exclusive star small red book cooperation service

2.Account generation service

3.Brand grass and KOL promotion services

4.Search keyword maintenance service

5.Data operation and maintenance promotion service


media cooperation

1、Appointment agency CEO, anchor interview

2、News events, anchor daily interviews

3、The anchor participates in government activities and public welfare activities.