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Author of Huasang Shiwei Gourmet Column, food expert of major food websites. Hi photography, idiot text, fan baking, the pursuit of healthy and elegant life.

As the first batch of Taobao’s professional food anchors, it has won a group of fans to follow the grounded live broadcast method. The anchor fans accounted for about 82% after 85 and after 95.

On October 29, 2019, the food qualifying results of the food anchor TOP6, the anchor will share all kinds of food and snacks with fans every live broadcast, and there will be snacks activities to give back to fans every month.

The anchor has a gentle personality, carefulness and patience, and is very professional in the products. Each product can be introduced in detail.

Has accumulated a total of 1300+ merchant services, and the number of services is 4500+. I hope to serve more quality merchants and continue to bring more benefits to fans!

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