Song Xinni




Song Xinni (Jessica), a Chinese Taiwanese singer and actor, graduated from the dance department of Huagang Art School. Beauty makeup, personal care, household daily use, plus size women's clothing, popular jewelry, food anchor.

The live broadcast is serious and responsible, and is good at interacting with fans. The fans are sticky and have a high conversion rate.

With rich live broadcast experience, many years of makeup knowledge, engaged in actor, fashion blogger, can well explain the characteristics of the product, good at creating a sales atmosphere.

He was attracted attention for appearing in "Destiny I Love You", and once participated as a special guest in the variety show "Women I'm the Biggest" and "Kangxi Is Coming".

Representative works "Spicy Family", "Woman on the Bread Tree", etc.

  Taobao Live:明星宋新妮

  Micro-blog ID:宋新妮

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