Anan, Taobao live broadcast TOP anchor, trend matching goddess, good at dressing, all kinds of master anchors.

The dressing style is Han Fan and ladylike. The anchor has a gentle personality and patience. The crowd of fans is between 85 and 95, and the live broadcast room is hot.

He has won the top 4 apparel peaks in August 2018, the top 5 anchor list in the 2018 Fur Festival, and the top ten anchors in 2018.

Honorable awards such as Top1 of the Korea Pavilion in June 2019, Top1 in July 2019, the popular anchor of the Food Festival in July 2019, and Top1 of the gourmet selection in September 2019.

The anchor also likes all kinds of food and snacks from all over the world. There is a snack festival every month, and the life festival returns to fans.

The professionalism of the products is very deep, and each product can be introduced in detail. Already reached cooperation with nearly 5,000 merchants, hoping to serve more quality merchants and continue to bring more benefits to fans!

 Taobao Live:安安anan

  Micro-blog ID:安安-wang

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