Dayingzi LOVE




Dayingzi is the queen of change, the brand manager & designer. She is good at wearing women's clothing, has the most cutting-edge sense of fashion, and created the DY brand with her own efforts.

Dayingzi has gained many fans on the Taobao live broadcast platform, and led 1.2 million fans to become beautiful together, using his unique live broadcast mode to bring good things to those around him to share.

In the category of women's clothing, he has been ranked among the TOP5 anchors of the Taobao list, and won the most sought-after anchor in the 2016 live broadcast festival.

And won the 2016 annual live broadcast festival popular anchor, 2017 annual live broadcast festival most influential anchor, 2019 annual live broadcast festival belt king and other honors.

  Taobao Live:大英子LOVE

  Tik Tok ID:大英子女子天团

  Xiaohongshu ID:大英子love

  Micro-blog ID:大英子LOVE- 

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